Our History


Our weaving mill is situated the heart of one of Australia’s most historic wool and textile manufacturing regions. Our site has been home to manufacturing quality woollen fabrics since 1920, when it was established as the Geelong Returned Sailors and Soldiers Woollen & Worsted Co-operative Manufacturing Company.

Who We Are

Geelong Textiles took over the historic weaving mill in 1971, continuing a long tradition of weaving various quality woollen and worsted fabrics from regionally abundant fine merino wool and other quality yarns.

Our ongoing focus and passion for quality and customer service has allowed us to continue to strive. Geelong Textiles Australia supplies a wide range of fabrics to Australian and overseas markets; quality upholstery and apparel fabrics for commercial and domestic use.

Commercial Clients


Years experience


Commercial Fabrics

Our fabrics can be found in offices, theatres, government and public spaces. Our certified products meet the highest quality standards and are chosen by our clients for their durability as well as design and flexibility.

Public Transport & Vehicle Fabrics

We manufacture fabrics for seating in trains, trams, buses and cars and are chosen for longevity and compliance with the highest standards and certified for use in public transport and vehicle applications.

Contract Weaving

We can develop and weave to your fabric design and specification requirements. For minimum quantities and a price across, feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

Custom Dyes

We can provide custom dyed colours for your design or project specification. Ask us today for a customised solution for your next project.


We work with independent and in-house designers to develop the best fabric solution to meet the needs of your end users and clients. Our technical team can provide support to convert your design onto a quality end-product.

Uniforms & Apparel Fabrics

For many years, we have provided uniform and apparel fabrics for school and professional uniforms. We continue to serve a selection of private schools for their uniform needs.


403 Pakington St., Geelong, VIC 3222
+61 (0)3 5221-7277